Data Privacy

Sadi | Morishita Advogados acts in the consultance and litigation of Data Privacy, which involves Civil, Author rights, Commercial, Economics, Financial, Tax, Criminal and International Laws.

The main activities in the consultance and litigation are:

  • E-commerce companies incorporation;
  • Tax planning in e-commerce operations in all taxes spheres;
  • Technological development in e-commerce and business intelligence drafting commercial agreements in order to protect IP involved;
  • Drafting of e-commerce services and produts, such as logistics, impex, call center, payments gateways etc.
  • Consumer laws applicable into e-commerce, including websites terms of use and privacy policies;
  • Litigation to protect e-commerce companies brands;
  • GDPR and LGPD consultance, structuring and implementation;
    Removal of ilicit content, contente maintainence and identifications of ilicit responsibles;
  • Complete support in softwares issues, including but not limited to contracts drafting, source codes and registers in offical agencies;
  • Domain names negotiation, aquisition, transference, conflitcs, administrative procedures, misuse etc.