Electronic Fraud and Crimes

The Sadi | Morishita Advogados acts in the adoption of all pertinent legal measures, aiming at the repression of incidents involving:

  • Corporate espionage, hacking of computer devices and obtaining improper information, unfair competition, breach of professional secrecy, infringement of intellectual property (trademarks, patents, software and others), digital fraud, threats, offenses, extortion and other illicit acts;
  • Consulting for the preservation of electronic evidence;
  • Strategic analysis of incident response;
  • Adoption of a court order against application and internet connection providers to identify those responsible for the illicit acts;
  • Adoption of a judicial measure aimed at removing illegal content on the internet;
  • Adoption of a judicial search and seizure measure aimed at the preservation and collection of evidence of illicit acts;
  • Request for the establishment and follow-up of a Police Inquiry to investigate illicit conduct;
  • Adoption of judicial measures for civil and criminal liability of violators in all spheres.